Monday, April 25, 2011



Many of my friends are bloggers who review places to eat and shop. I greatly respect them and their advice when it comes to deciding where to eat and where to go. So, when I see something like this, my blood boils, Please don’t debase yourselves , the title you have chosen to adopt and the others who share the same title.

So you are a blogger, do you realise the responsibility that comes with a position and a title like that? People come and read your posts because they believes that you are one of the last bastions of independent journalism. Then why the hell do I see some of you walking around restaurants and shops, toting your camera and muttering loudly, “I am a blogger”.  Do you expect the restaurant owner to fall at your feet and feed you a free lavish meal or the shop owner to give you free outfits? What happened to your integrity?

Go ahead, just call yourself a freebie whore, don’t ruin the trust and respect that we have for our bloggers, our independent journalists who tell us what is, as it is.

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