Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts.......

This is really funny! I have this sudden yen to really write about a whole lot of things.. Hmm lets just say that despite my best intentions.. I have to voice my opinions! :) so here I Go!

What's with all this racial violence eh? I know I will get trashed and slammed for this, but what the whatever.. It is MY ALLAH! :) I believe that God is one , it's our different ways of getting to him/ her that are different (Imagine if all of us had different Gods.. remember what happened on mount Olympus?). Why should you take offense if someone from another religion uses the term that you use for your God in one of their publications! Alamak! so much furor just because a christian publication used the word Allah! I believe that Allah is above all of this.. He does not need us to "protect" him. He is all almighty and small sallies like this do not effect him. These are doings of the being we would call Iblis (also known as politicians!) who are destroying the peace in this beautiful country for their own benefit!

I witnessed something very beautiful.. we were sitting in traffic caused by these multiple violent demonstrations.. This old lady got out of her car on Kerenchi Link and actually walked to 5-6 cars with youngsters inside and told them what was happening and requested them to remove their crosses and their Allah / Mohammed names hanging from their rear view mirrors.. I heard what she had to say when she was talking to the youngster in the car next to me... she told him what was happening and asked him to remove all religious insignia, not to demean his particular religion or ask him to hide, but because there were bad and stupid people around who would hurt him unecessarily.. Why cant we have more understanding people like that.

Guys get it straight.. Allah did not ask you to burn down other people's places of worship or threaten their lives, safety and family.. Islam is a religion of tolerance.. so LEARN tolerance!

Malaysia is a harmonious mix of cultures.. Please lets not ruin it!

Why Should I Pay More for the SAME Fuel?
Hmmm.. the other day I was reading the newspaper that from sometime later in the year.. the govt is planning to charge seperate prices for petrol! anyone with a Malaysian I-Kad will get subsidised fuel, while others (read expats) get to pay nearly double the current price!! yes! You are allowed to now laugh! Can you imagine what is going to happen? the outrage! the rationale... Non Malaysians come to Malaysia, command higher salaries, drive gas guzzlers so why should they not pay more? Ok now.. don't the expats pay taxes, tolls etc? Don't they pay higher interest rates on loans bounded by their work permits? Isn't Malaysia's economu geared towards tourism and attracting foreign human traffic to enjoy the amazing country? Now look at this scenario.. the price division happens.. expats start giving up their cars.. International automotive brands move out of the country, emabssies react, MNC's don't hire expats, tourism is affected, hospitality is affected, education is affected, retail is affected.. luxury brands start moving out.. luxury malls shut down.. think about it!

Forget all of that. think of the logisitical nightmare! installing machines EVERYWHERE to track all this.. the cost alone would nullify any benefit that the proposers are expounding on!

Well,... on the upside.. No more traffic jams in the city centre!

Finally Recognised As An Indian!

I face a very weird problem here... almost No One recognises me as an Indian :( even when I speak In Hyderabadi/ Urdu/ Hindi.. I am praised for "being a foriegner and learning the language like a native"!!!! Grrrr!!!!!!!!!!! or that I am too white to be an India.. WTF! But well.. the other day I called up a few media as a follow up for a press release and one of them wrote back to our account director asking why I had a "weird" Indian accent! yahooo!!!!! face recognition or not! Voice recognition to hain na! :) Jai Ho !

If You are reading this (Hmmm I would like to think someone reading all these ramblings....) look at the sky.. never seen such beautiful skies in a long time!

Hasta La Vista!
(and why did you cringe like that was a threat!)