Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Child of the media age

As a child of the media age, as a citizen of a global kampung, I hereby blame the media for skewing my expectations, ruining my perceptions and nearly destroying everything I have hereby worked towards. I sue the supposed information blitzers for filling my heads with improbable ideas, unsustainable desires and unachievable life & relationship goals.

Everywhere you look, everything you read shows and talks about impossible demands made and miraculously and selflessly fulfilled by partners, friends and parents under the guise of , " if you love me.....". Do they really want us to believe that we are as fabulous as these career and home wizards inhabiting Danielle Steele's world, or as happening and hot as those babes in the movie, or anyone can love us with the starry eyed determination of Jacob or Stefan?

What is love, really?? Is it getting lovely bunches of flowers and presents for the one you love? Planning surprise vacations and get aways?High expectations & high maintenance. Or is it giving someone a nice home, cooking for them, cleaning for them, spending a few warm moments and expecting nothing in return?

Are we still in an era where a woman has to be glad to have "landed" a man or is marriage now an equal partnership?

Is it wrong to expect something from your partner or wrong to have them expect something from you?

Can one really be one of those grippingly intense couples in a Nora Robert book? Who gives authors right to make us imagine? Who actors the right to make us dream? is there really a Rahul for every Simran? Or are we all living in a world of pretend.

Do we really need someone to be with us, to reassure us ,to hold us, to pamper us? Do we really need someone to dote on, to smother in our love as we are lead to believe by all books and movies or are we simply better off alone?

Why does a woman have to follow her man, give everything up, build new lives and never recieve appreciation? Why is that the man does so little yes recieves all the appreciation!! ?? What makes them superior?

I think the best advice I have ever recieved was...." Snap Out of the Movies Nazeen- Free Flix is over!" But then again.. was it?